The Man With the Profound Perspective: Samuel Chad Marshall

The perspective lens of photography was developed early in the life of Samuel Chad Marshall. His Father and Mother both possessed a passion for photography. A passion that infused their home with photos that were captured and celebrated memories that will last for a lifetime. This passion ignited an authentic perspective where the platform of the gift of capturing moments through the lens of photography through Samuel’s gift of photography.


As Samuel evolved, his authentic perspective to treasure the everyday moments of life through candid photos began to illuminate the lens of life. He possessed every opportunity to take one moment and transform a picture in making a profound statement. He truly fulfills the phrase: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” as his photographic eye scripts an illustrative story. A narrative through pictures that depicts beauty, radiance and the joyous moments of life. This was just the beginning as to what was on the horizon through the photographic lens of life that will illuminate the world.


This pictorial gift that once began during his childhood officially took flight. In 2020, Samuel’s gift ignited a movement that took flight and launched Marshall Perspective Images, Inc. Every moment within his life has developed into a photographic movement that speaks to the essence of Samuel Marshall as he fulfills the theme of Marshall Perspective Images that celebrates life and legacy: ““Capturing Moments and Memories That Will Last for a Lifetime”